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By Pankaj Saharan | August 2, 2011 | 3 Comment

Today I passed my PMI’s Project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam. I was planning since couple of months for taking the exam but just could not find the right time out of my rather busy newly married life with pretty hectic schedule at work to commit for the exam :) But all is well that end’s well. Here are some study tips that I adopted for my exam and I want to share with PMP aspirants. They at least worked for me and I hope they can be of help to anyone in any way.

– First, start by reading PMBOK.
 Understand the terms, processes and knowledge areas. Don’t try to cram or learn, just read, chapter by chapter. Yes, I should tell you that reading this book is not fun and I did sleep many times while reading this book. After I finished the book, I thought that I did not got enough out of the book and thought it would be long hard journey before I pass the exam. But believe me it’s worth.

– Take a sample test with full 200 questions just like the real PMP exam.

Whatever the score you get, it does not matter. I’m pretty sure you will be surprised to see that you did gain something from reading PMBOK and got some of the answers correctly.

– I strongly recommend the book “PMP Exam Prep” by Rita Mulcahy.
Read the book page by page and do the exercises at the end of each chapter. This book is easy to read and has various exercises within the chapters. I STRONGLY recommend this book for the aspirants with easy language, each concept is explained in detail and supports learning through exercises. I found the questions in the PMP exam very much similar in complexity as the ones given at the end of the chapters in this book.

– Buy some mock test simulators and practice as much before the exam.
Available from Rita Mulcahy as well.

– If you travel a lot like me, buying the PM Prepcast might also be good idea.
I didn’t buy it as I did not know much before, else would have definitely gone for it. It allows you to prepare on the fly by listening to the podcast on your portable music player/ mobile phone.

– Don’t try to learn every ITTO (Inputs, Tools and Techniques, Outputs) for each process. 

Life is much more than that :)

– PMI’s Professional code of Ethics and Professional Conduct is very important!
People normally miss or not pay much attention to that. Reading them thoroughy once or twice won’t harm.

If you are scoring consistenly above 80% in your mock tests.. go ahead and you are ready to get PMP behind your name. Good Luck!



02 August, 2011 Reply

Nice one dude... your experience will definitely help prospective aspirant to prepare well and achieve this milestone. Keep it up.

02 August, 2011 Reply


And thanks a lot for sharing..

06 July, 2014 Reply

Great article . Will definitely apply it to my site

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